Since our official creation in 1993, our club has been pretty active:

  • Easter Activity thmWe take care of a children's homes from Red Cross in Bertrange. It's an annual and permanent activity, where we take the children to the movies, organise carnival parties and hide eggs for them at Easter, just to cite a few examples. This is our main social activity, giving us as well as the children a lot of satisfaction and pleasure.
  • We collaborate with the Social National Committee (Nasoc) Belgium.
  • We participate in Téléthon and in the Food Bank
  • We collaborate with the Foundation Kriibskrank Kanner



 In order to keep our account (and treasurer) happy, we also have a certain amount of fundraising activities:

  • fundraising banque alimentaire-thb We organise a traditional Christmas market where hot wine, cakes, greeting cards, Christmas decorations, and other goods manufactured by Leos are sold.
  • We contribute to Téléthon by a money collect in cinemas, stars, gas stations and discotheques of the City of Luxembourg. Téléthon is organized each year in December to support research on myopathy, a genetic disease destroying muscles.
  • Every year a Belux Lions Youth Camp is held in Belgium and Luxembourg, and our Club helps the local Lions District out while the participants are visiting our small country.
  • Organization of events: discotheques and concerts.
  • Co-operation with other clubs (Lions International, Soroptimistes...).
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